What is the correct name for #MgF_2#?

1 Answer
Mar 8, 2016

Magnesium (II) fluoride or simply magnesium fluoride


Simple salts such as this (that is, those with only cation (positively charged species) and one anion (negatively charged species)) have the nomenclature given by

#M\e\t\al# #(char\g\e)# #anion#

We know from the compound given that the metal is magnesium, the anion is fluoride and that the charge of the metal is

#MgF_2 rarr Mg^(+2) + 2F^(-)#

two, or II, so we can build the name to be

Magnesium (II) fluoride.

But since magnesium is usually either found as a metal (charge 0) or as a salt in charge (II), we can omit the charge, so saying

Magnesium fluoride

Isn't wrong.