What is the covalent compound formula for sulfuric acid?

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Jan 13, 2017

As for nitric acid, tho here representation of formal charge is a little bit more of an option.


#(O=)_2S(-O-H)_2#. We have a #S(VI+)# centre, and 32 electrons to distribute, i.e. 16 electron pairs.

I have seen Lewis representations of #(""^(-)O-)_2S^(+2)(-O-H)_2# but I don't think this structure is terribly useful.

Note that all I have done here, and in the other question, is to add up the valence electrons, and distributed them as pairs. If you practise, you will begin to regard some of the questions and structrures as old friends.

Can you try #"sulfurous acid"#, i.e. #H_2SO_3#?