What is the definition for fossil records and what are some examples for how it is used?

1 Answer
Oct 17, 2017

the record of life as found in layers of sedimentary rocks.


Sedimentary rocks are found in layers. The layers are often found in the same order in different places. Piecing together the parts of the order from one place with other parts of the order in other places have enabled geological scientists to construct what is known as the geological table. This is one example of the use fossil records.

The geological record has been used to construct a relative time line of life on earth. This is a second example of the use of the fossil record.

The relative time line is used as the primary evidence of Darwinian evolution. This is a third example of the use of the fossil record.

The fossil record has become an internally consistent argument that is supportive of the idea of decent with modification, but is also a circular argument. Many places in the earth the strata does not support the timeline of Darwinian evolution. The more complex fossils are found underneath simpler fossils that are thought to be older. The fossil record is constructed using the timeline of Darwinian evolution and Darwinian evolution uses the timeline constructed by Darwinian evolution as evidence for Darwinian evolution.