What is the difference between: a star, moon, planet, galaxy, universe, and a satellite?

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Mar 5, 2016


They are all names for objects in the Universe.


A star is a sun which produces energy from nuclear fusion.

A moon is a body orbiting another body. A moon normally orbits a planet, but a moon can orbit another moon until it gets pulled away by something larger.

A planet is a large body orbiting a sun. It has cleared its orbit of other objects. Though there are rogue planets which have been ejected from a solar system by other planets.

A galaxy is a large number of stars orbiting about a central core. It is thought that most if not all galactic cores contain a supermassive black hole.

The universe is all of the galaxies and other objects that we know of.

A satellite is something orbiting another body. There are many artificial satellites orbiting around Earth. The Moon cal also be considered a satellite.

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