What is the difference between an astronomer, astronomist, astrologist and astronaut?

1 Answer
Feb 12, 2017

See explanation.


ASTRONOMER: A specialist in the natural science called astronomy.

Astronomy is for studying all about near and far, and big and small

space bodies. In my opinion, Earth Science is an area in astronomy

for ISS astronomers.

ASTRONOMIST is a synonym for astronomer.

ASTROLOGIST is a synonym for astrologer. At any time, an

astrologer is a novice astronomer, who is unable to cope up with

the advances in astronomy. Astrologers apply scientific surmises

about space bodies, for predicting one's life characteristics, for the

future. They are unable incorporate new discoveries in astronomy,

immediately, owing to the fact that astrology is based on

referential statistics, relating to individuals/ events of the past.

Some discoveries might be detrimental to the traditional


Copernicus, Galileo and Kepler were responsible for making

astronomy a natural science. Astrology was dissociated from

astronomy but not vice versa.

ASTRONAUT is one who travels in spacecrafts that leave our

atmosphere, to outer space.