What is the difference between gravitational force and electromagnetic force?

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Mar 21, 2016
  1. Gravity is weaker force than Electromagnetism.

  2. Gravitational Forces are usually increased when a larger mass is accumulated, whereas Electromagnetic Forces are made when there are slight imbalances caused by small separations of charge.


  1. Gravity can easily be defied, we can see this at the Olympics every 2 years with usually jumping records being broken.

Thing is Electromagnetism is stronger than Gravitational Forces, this can be seen easily on a fridge, with the Magnets only falling off once they are detached from it.

  1. The increased mass of an object, bends space-time, an 'invisible fabric' which all objects bend, even ourselves bend this fabric by a dent.
    This fabric is bent enough by the sun to keep our planets in orbit & our planet; Earth & other planets have bent it enough to hold their own Moons (& our own satellites orbiting them), among the biggest benders of space time is the monstrous Black Holes, those which masses are so great, they make holes in the cosmos, that even photons of light, cannot escape.

Electromagnetism is exerted by the electromagnetic interaction of electrically charged particles or magnetically polarized particles or objects.
This is a force that is easily created by moving charge, in a wire, atom or molecule, this generates an electromagnetic field that circulates.

This can be described more simply as getting an iron nail, wrapping & making coils of (insulated) copper wire around it & putting the ends of that wire on a battery which begins to move the charges around in it, this is an easy way of making an electromagnet.

Hope this helps & the extra info.