What is the difference between the different types of succession?

1 Answer
Jun 4, 2016


The two types of succession are mainly primary and secondary


Primary succession - when a place is completely destroyed, such as a volcanic eruption blowing up an entire island, then new organisms must come and inhabit the place. Once they grow, they fixate the area around them for other organisms to come and grow.

Secondary succession - when a place is somewhat destroyed but not completely destroyed, such as a forest fire, then secondary succession occurs. Secondary succession is usually more effective and quicker than primary succession, as the soil is still fertile and rich.

All of these things occur because it gives a new opportunity for organisms to grow and adapt. When new organisms come into the environment, more organisms follow them for food to avoid competition and potential death.

There are also climax communities ("normal"). Secondary succession always returns to the climax community; but sometimes, humans can cause disturbances that will completely annihilate the community.