What is the distance between Uranus and Saturn?

1 Answer
Mar 18, 2018

Approximately 1,448,950,000 km or 900,377,530 miles.


This their average distance, or the distances of which they most commonly do (or have) hanged about at.

I say this as the planets are constantly orbiting the Sun at different speeds, as well as their orbits often being slightly elliptical, in that they are an odd shape, and so can speed up, slow down due to the gravitational pull of the Sun on an object.
These changes in speed and orbit shape effects the distance between Uranus and Saturn, however, we can say we do not know the complete orbit of planets, as it can change due to gravitational disturbances from other bodies or that we do not yet know or correctly know its orbital route.

Hope this helps!
-C. Palmer