What is the equation in point-slope form and slope intercept form for the line given Slope =3,(4,-8)?

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May 11, 2015

Point slope form is as follows:


Where m represents the slope of the two points.

Slope intercept form is as follows:


Where m represents the slope and b represents your y intercept.

To solve your question, first you will solve the point slope form.
I believe your two points are (3,0) and (4,-8) (I'm simply guessing here as I'm not sure what 3,(4,-8) means.)

First, find the slope. The formula for finding slope when given two points is=
y2-y1 / x2-x1

Your slope for the two points is:
-8-0 / 4-3= -8
(-8-0= -8 divided by 1= -8)
The slope is -8

Now, back to the point slope formula:

Your point slope formula is going to be=

To find your slope intercept form you have to go through a few steps.
I. Eliminate the brackets. For this situation, to do so, you must multiply everything by -8.

II. Isolate the y variable. For this particular equation, you must add 0 to both sides. (This will eliminate the -0)

III. You now have your slope intercept form= y=mx+b
Your slope intercept is: