What is the function of ribosomal RNA?

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Nov 23, 2015

Ribosomal RNA (rRNA) is responsible for the translation of mRNA to protein.


The mRNA strand is transcribed from a section of DNA, and then translated by the ribosome complex.

Ribosomal RNA combines with other proteins to create the ribosome organelle which is organized into two parts. The two pieces surround an mRNA strand and with the assistance of transfer RNA (tRNA) build proteins one amino acid at a time.

Each group of three nucleotides on the mRNA is called a codon and there is a corresponding tRNA with the anti codon. For example, if on the mRNA there is a sequence UGC, there is a tRNA with the ACG anticodon and carrying the appropriate amino acid. Within the ribosome, the tRNA briefly attaches to the mRNA. A peptide bond is formed between this and the preceding amino acid. The polypeptide grows in this fashion until the end of the mRNA is reached.

I attached a youtube video and a really cool picture of actual protein synthesis. Hope this helps! :-)