What is the graph of #f(x) = -x^5#?

1 Answer
Dec 16, 2014

It's the function that Jashey D. gave you.

To find this by hand, you would do this step by step. Start by thinking about how #f(x) = x^5# looks. As a hint remember this: any function of the form #x^n# where #n>1# and n is odd, will be similar in shape as the function #f(x) = x^3#. This function looks like this:
enter image source here

The higher the exponent (#n#) gets, the more stretched out it will get. So you know it will be this shape, but more extreme.

Now all you have to do is account for the minus sign.
A minus sign in front of a function results in a graph, that is mirrored horizontally.

So the function looks like #x^3#. It's more stretched out (like someone's pulling from above and below), and it's mirrored horizontally.