What is the importance of the atmosphere?

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Jun 7, 2018

Atmosphere is the envelope of gas which surrounds any celestial body.


The importance of atmosphere of the earth are:-

#=># The presence of the atmosphere plays a significant role in the water cycle. It facilitates the formation of clouds which remains suspended until they are heavy enough to pour down on the earth as rain,hail or snow.

#=>#Protects the life forms of the earth from the harmful UV rays of the sun.The presence of the ozone layer does this by reflecting the UV rays of the sun.

#=># It keeps the temperature of the earth constant so that it is suitable to support life.

#=># It protects the earth from smaller meteors.

#=># Contains #N_2# ,#O_2# and other gases which are necessary to support the life form on the earth.

#=>#Facilitates combustion and without the atmosphere combustion is not possible.

Here is the structure of the atmosphere:-