What is the law of conservation of electric charge?

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Apr 21, 2015

Law of Conservation of Electric Charge- During any process, the net electric charge of an isolated system remains constant ( is conserved).

Total charge before= Total charge after.

Within the system.The total charge is always the same, or the total number of Coulombs will always be the same. If there is any exchange or transfer of electric charge between one object and another in the isolated system, then the total number of charge is the same.

Here is the example of conservation of electric charge in radioactive decay.

92U238 (Parent atom) ------->(decays) 90U234(daughter atom) + 2He4(alpha particle)
The amount of charge present before decay is 92e and this is equal to the amount of charge after the decay ( 90e + 2e = 92e).Hence electric charge is conserved.