What is the molar mass of #NH_3#?

1 Answer
Jul 17, 2016

#color(orange)("17.03 g/mol")#


#color(green)"We will use this formula to answer the question:"#

atomic weight of element #xx#number of atoms given by subscript #=# molar mass

First, you want to have your handy dandy periodic table available so you can determine the atomic weight of N and H:

  • N has an atomic weight of 14.01 g/mol
  • H has an atomic wight of 1.008 g/mol

From the chemical formula, we have 1 nitrogen atom, so the atomic mass would just be 14.01 g/mol

Next, you have 3 hydrogen atoms, so you would multiply the atomic mass of H by 3 to obtain an atomic weight of 3.024 g/mol

Now you want to add the mass of each atom together to obtain the molar mass of the entire compound:

#color(red) ("14.01 g/mol + 3.024 g/mol = 17.03 g/mol")#