What is the most common form of renewable energy used to generate electricity? What percentage of U.S. electricity generation comes from this source?

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Feb 12, 2018

Surely this is hydroelectric power generation?


This site here claims that 5-6% of electrical power is generated by these means. And of course, it is moot whether we include hydroelectric power as a RENEWABLE means of energy. We have got to find a river in an area where a dam can be sited. Build the dam, and the dam materials, including of course the concrete used to build the dam, constitutes an ENORMOUS amount of resources, and wait for the dam to fill...all of this has some considerable environmental impact.

Years ago, in my own country, there was a very vigorous and rancorous debate whether a wild river in Tasmania should be dammed. The dam was not built, and the river remains in a very wild, inaccessible area.