What is the only item that can be found on earth in three different phases of matter at standard pressure?

1 Answer
May 12, 2014

That of course would be water #H_2O#.

At Standard Pressure water is a solid below 0 C, it is a liquid from 0 C to 100 C, and becomes steam a gas above 100 C.

#> 100 C# Gas as Steam

v Condensation ^ Evaporation

#0 - 100 C# Liquid as Water

v Fusion ^ Melting

#< 0C# Solid as Ice

As the temperature (Energy) decreases the molecules slow down and the steam condenses into water and the water fuses into ice.

As temperature (Energy) increases the molecules speed up and the ice melts into water and the water evaporates into steam.

I hope this was helpful.