What is the passive form of the sentence? Let's go to school.

1 Answer
Apr 3, 2016

'The school is being gone to by us.'
'The school is being travelled to.'


It's not an easy sentence to find the passive because it's in the imperative, meaning it is a command. 'Let's' is a contraction of 'let us', which often precedes commands, such as 'let us be' or 'let me have it'.

If we use the sentence 'we are going to school', the passive could be

'The school is being gone to by us.'

There is a slight problem in that you aren't meant to have a preposition at the end of a sentence or clause, though this is archaic grammar and has no real use, and no-one abides by it any more.

You could rearrange it with a series of 'that's and 'which's, but that makes it more clumsy than it already is.

'The school is being travelled to' sounds a little bit nicer.