What is the past, present and future tense of "to laugh" "to sing" and "to cry"?

1 Answer
Jul 8, 2016

See explanation.


The present tense of a verb is formed by removing "to" from the infinitive. So it is:

I/we laugh/sing/cry
You laugh/sing/cry
They laugh/sing/cry

In third person the verb is followed by "s", so the forms are:

He/she/it laughs / cries / sings

Future Simple tense is formed by will+ infinitive so it is:

I/you/he/she/it/we/they will laugh/sing/cry

Past Tense.

Verbs laugh and cry are regular, so their Past Simple is formed by adding -ed to infinitive: laughed/cried.

Verb sing is irregular. Its Past Simple is sang