What is the primary function of nucleic acids?

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Sep 18, 2015

Controlling, maintaining, Like a government


Nucleic acid is different with genes but they consists of proteins which is classified as purin and pirimidin.

Nah, the nucleic acid is set of messages or rules of cell. They contain which one to express now or express later based on the cell surroundings.

For example, cell needs glucose when the contents of glucose inside of cell is enough, glucose or the metabolites send some signal to the nuclear of cell which contains nucleic acid and then activates the set of rules to stop pumping in the glucose or to deactivate the set of rules to pumping in the glucose.

But if you ask what is the nucleic acid function without cell, i think it likes a message to whom it is not mentioned.

In the living cell its functions are :

  • transfer genetic from one generation to next(when the cells are dividing)
  • For raising m-rna to control protein expression
  • Synthesize protein and so on

I have a good book MARk's biochemistry or Harper just take a look it is quite complex hope you understand