What is the relationship between men and women? Are women’s opinions ignored? Who has the power?

1 Answer
Jun 17, 2018

The relationship between men and women is multi-tiered, historical, biological, cultural and complex.


The relationships and dynamics of men and women as part of human society have changed continuously over time. Even "power" must be carefully defined, as the obvious expressions of power are not the only ones.

Similarly, one may derive some statistical measures of task and power distribution, including the relative importance of ideas and expressions. Finally, one must also understand that gender categories are only one of many possible distinctions. There are even more distinctions between members of the same gender.

For example, a "poor" man usually has less social "power" than a rich woman. Yet, a "wise" man may exert tremendous power (influence) over one in a much more physically or socially powerful position, despite a relative lack of wealth.

In general principles of existence, those with the superior physical power will wield the majority of all power in a society. Thus, women are "statistically" less powerful and ignored than men, but the exceptions are also more frequent and relevant to global society.