What is the role of the cytoskeleton in cell movement?

1 Answer
Nov 21, 2015

Cytoskeleton has MANY roles it can: serve as a scaffold providing structural support and maintain cell shape, serve as an internal framework to organize organelles within the cell and direct cellular locomotion and the movement of materials within the cell.


The cytoskeleton is made up of 3 protein filaments: actin filaments (also known as microfilaments), intermediate filaments and microtubules.

The microtubules facilitate movement of vesicles between compartments. By axonal transport it facilitates the movement of neurotransmitters across the cell. Going further, there 2 major groups of microtubule motor proteins... The dynein and kinesin. Dynein is responsible for the movement of cilia and flagella; and move toward the minus end of the microtubules. Whereas, kinesins move toward the plus end of the microtubules.

Hope this video helps