What is the standard cell notation of a galvanic cell made with zinc and gold?

1 Answer
Oct 7, 2016

#Zn_((s))|Zn^(2+) || Au^(1+) |Au_((s))#


Anode goes on the left; cathode goes on the right. To determine which is which, you could either refer to a table of standard reduction potentials, or use your knowledge on which metal is more reactive. The more reactive metal tends to be the anode and be oxidised, as more reactive metals lose their electrons more readily.

When referring to the table of standard reduction potentials, the metal with the higher reduction potential is being reduced, and is thus the cathode (in this case, gold).

In between the electrodes are the electrolyte solutions. The | indicates a change in state from solid to aqueous and vice versa. In between the electrolyte solutions is || which indicates that the cells are separate.