What is the structural formula of the acetal produced when methanol adds to propanone?

1 Answer
Nov 24, 2015

The acetal that forms is 2,2-dimethoxypropane.


The general equation for the formation of an acetal from a ketone is

#"RCOR'" + "2R''""OH" stackrelcolor (blue)("acid")(→) "RR'C"("OR''")_2 + "H"_2"O"#

With propanone and methanol, the equation is

#underbrace(("CH"_3)_2"C=O")_color(red)("propanone") + underbrace("2CH"_3"OH")_color(red)("methanol") stackrelcolor (blue)("acid")(→) underbrace(("CH"_3)_2"C"("OCH"_3)_2)_color(red)("2,2-dimethoxypropane") + "H"_2"O"#

The structural formula of the acetal is