What is the temperature, in degrees Celsius, that is equivalent to a temperature of 40°F?

1 Answer
May 23, 2018

4.44 Degrees Celsius


The formula to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius (or Vice Versa) is,


Here C is the Temperature in Celsius Degrees and F is temperature in Fahrenheit Degrees.

Whichever one's value you know, put them in the equation and finding out the result should be easy.

For your problem the equation should be,


I have put 40 instead of F because the value I have in hand is temperature in Farhenheit.

=> #((40-32)5)/9=C#

Then take all the constant term to one side and keep the variable on other side.

After calculating, we get the value of the variable
=> #C=4.4444444444444#

So the answer is 4.44 Degrees Celsius, which is equivalent of 40 degrees fahrenheit.