What is "wrong" with nuclear power?

1 Answer
Mar 2, 2016

Nothing is "wrong" with nuclear power per se, it just has a number of challenges facing it. Do a Socratic search for this topic - there is quite a lot of information that you might find helpful.


Nuclear power has two main problems right now that are seriously impacting its future:

1) fear of catastrophic failure and meltdowns that cause wide-spread radiation impact to people and ecosystems, There have only been approximately 3 major reactor accidents in the last 50 years, but these have attracted a lot of attention and effectively slowed down the development of nuclear.


2) high costs to build - which are usually in the $5-10 billion dollar range. And this usually means that governments often foot the bill if this kind of power is built - its just too costly and risky for the private sector.

Right now, many countries are closing down reactors or not planning on building anymore. Natural gas power plants are more cost effective and have fewer risks - but they do emit greenhouse gases which nuclear does not.