What jobs use geometry proofs?

1 Answer
Nov 24, 2015

With very few exceptions, only teaching jobs require such skills as ability to prove geometric theorems.
However, read a very important considerations about proofs and math in general below.


Consider a simple analogy. You go to a gym and run on a moving track. Is there any profession when you have to run on a moving track? Probably, no (at least, I am not aware of any). You do it to develop your muscles, improve your health, strength, stamina etc. So, you engage in some artificially created exercise in order to develop your body and to make it easier to withstand some other unrelated activities of real life.

Math for your brain is exactly what gym is for your muscles. It seems unrelated to real life, but the skills developed while proving theorems and solving problems will be useful to solve many other problems of real life.

That's why it is very important to view math not as a source of formulas, properties and definitions, but as a great tool to develop your creativity, analytical approach, logic - qualities that make you smarter, a very useful quality in life.

If your math course does not include proving theorems and solving problems, geometrical constructions, words problems that can be solved logically or using algebraic equations, you waste your time, because, most likely, factual information presented to you, like what is a volume of sphere of a radius R, will not be needed in real life.