What kind of behavior is unwelcome on Socratic?

1 Answer
Apr 8, 2015

In order to make sure that Socratic is a helpful and safe learning environment, it's important that we keep certain behaviors off the site.

Most of these behaviors will be obvious, but some are less intuitive. Here's a list of the most important behaviors that are not welcome on the site:

The less obvious:

  • Mature content → students as young as 13 use Socratic. Make sure your examples and language are appropriate for a younger audience
  • Language or tactics that—intentionally or not—make someone feel stupid or discourages them from learning
  • No effort to learn from others or improve oneself over time → we are all learners; no one is perfect
  • Any behavior that detracts from others' ability to learn on Socratic
  • Any behavior that isn't in the spirit of our guiding principles

The obvious:

  • Inappropriate content of any kind
  • Spamming (posting irrelevant, non-academic questions or answers)
  • Hawking (promoting your own site or agenda in answers or comments)

Do your best to set an example for others by avoiding these behaviors yourself and steering others away from them.

If you are unsure about whether a certain type of behavior is welcome on Socratic, refer to our full guidelines or email us anytime.

Thank you for helping keep Socratic safe and helpful!