What member of a community is most important in recycling chemical elements?

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Mar 13, 2017

#"The householder.........or end user........"#


When I was much younger, there used to be a deposit paid on glass bottles, which used to be paid when you bought a bottle of drink. The deposit was refunded when it was returned to the store, or bulk bottles could be returned to a recycling centre. For the shop-keeper this was possibly inconvenient in that he would have a vast collection of empty bottles in crates, that had to be returned to the store.

There were never any deposit schemes for aluminum cans; nevertheless, I can remember collecting sacks of cans for return to a dedicated recycling centre (I can remember doing this at sporting events, where cans, sometimes half full, were hurled at the opposition players).

These days, no deposits are usually paid to encourage the return and refill of glass bottles. It would make sense (and possibly would be economic) if recycling centres were available that accepted aluminum for scrap, or glass bottles for cleaning and refilling.

If you ever do any home-brewing of beer or ginger beer (and you can get very good results!), you jealously protect your empty glass bottles, especially the #750*mL# ones, which you can clean and refill in the next home brew.