What metalloids are in period 5?

1 Answer
Jun 14, 2014

The two metalloids in Period 5 are antimony and tellurium.

The eight elements classified as metalloids are in Groups 13 to 17 of the Periodic Table.

Metalloids occur along the diagonal stair-step between metals and non-metals. The stair-step line includes the elements from boron to astatine.

The elements to the upper right of this line display increasing non-metallic behaviour. The elements to the lower left of the line display increasing metallic behaviour.


Metalloids have some characteristics of metals and some of non-metals.

Most metalloids are brittle, are semi-conductors, and have a metallic lustre. Some also contract on melting, unlike many other types of metals. They can also form alloys with metals. Some are semi-conductors and can carry an electrical charge. This property makes them useful in calculators and computers.

Antimony is used in alloys of copper and lead and in various types of semiconductor devices.

Tellurium improves the machinability of copper and stainless steel. Adding it to lead decreases the corrosive action of sulfuric acid on lead and improves its strength and hardness