What properties are true for ideal gases but not of real gases?

1 Answer
Dec 23, 2016

Real gases have attractive and repelling forces, non-negligible excluded volume, and lose energy when colliding with other gas particles. Ideal gases do not.


Ideal gases are hypothetical gases where their molecules occupy negligible space and have no interactions with other particles.

In fact, the assumptions in the "Kinetic Molecular Theory of Gases" are all based on ideal gases, but you can still apply majority of them to real gases, just not word-for-word.

Some properties to consider:

  • Real gases have attractive and repelling forces. Ideal gases do not.
  • Real gases have non-negligible excluded volume (volume between them). Ideal gases do not.
  • When in collision with other gas particles, energy is "lost" in real gases. Ideal gases collide elastically.

Hope this helps :)