What properties describe how substance interact with other?

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Jul 7, 2017

Molecular Dynamics


Some of the basic properties that need to be considered for a given molecule are collectively referred to a Molecular Dynamics. That is, the chemical and physical characteristics that typically affect the reactivity of a substance include

Electronegativity of elements
Bond Polarity
Molecular Polarity
Bond Type
Formal Charge
Molecular Geometry
State of Existence (solid, liquid, gas)
Classification of substance (Type of solid - Ionic, Molecular, Network, etc.)
Reactive Environment (solution phase, gas phase, heterogeneous interface)

Other considerations could be added, but given a Lewis Structure of a substance some indication of reactivity and intrinsic properties can be systematically deduced by following the above list.

Jul 7, 2017

The most essential property determining chemical reactions/interactions is the atomic electron configuration.


It is the energy minimization of a system that drive atoms and molecules to react based on their electronic configurations.
All other "macro" properties (bond type, physical forms, relative reactivity) derive from this fundamental characteristic of each element.