What's the most interesting fact about human psychology?(according to you)

2 Answers
Mar 9, 2018

Freudian Psychology


Psychology is not fact but purely theory which changes over time and has no right answer. The only facts in psychology are that it is called psychology and it is not a science. Although it is an interesting subject.

My favourite approach would be the Freudian approach. Although outdated and absurd still interesting.

Jun 17, 2018

The MOST interesting fact (of many) is that it is a self-reflective study, or introspective.


Different from most other disciplines that try to observe external facts and derive causal theories from them, psychology is a study of self.

Even when done by one person observing others, as humans the connection cannot be severed between the implications from others to ourselves.

Scientifically this is problematic on several levels, including the validity of the samples and observations, the bias of the practitioners and the value of the theoretical implications and models.

One wag has said that crazy people become psychologists in an attempt to understand themselves. That may be true. The subjective nature of the study (it applies to sociology as well) is both the weakness and the fascination of the study.