What steps did women take to win worker's rights?

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Jun 18, 2016

I presume you are asking about earlier times (late 1700s to late 1800s) as opposed to modern time situations;

Women formed labor unions and went on strikes, determined for better working rights for women.


Labor unions are groups or association of workers that were created specifically to protect their rights.

Women made many labor unions in the 1800s, when the Industrial Revolution was a prominent era and factories, mills, and other businesses opened up. Women were seen as inferior and not capable of carrying out tasks.

A strike is a form of protest, usually when a band of workers refuse to do their job. These workers had hopes to gain rights or better working conditions.

Many women went on strikes. They organized themselves and demanded rights. They made it clear that while slavery was a major issue at the time, so were women's rights.

Women also held conventions and meetings to discuss and plan for the movement.

Women spoke out confidently about their conditions and got many men to follow and support them as well. They held meetings as a way to spread their ideas. One famous convention, the Seneca Falls Convention, was the first women's rights convention.

From the simple idea to improve working conditions, women and men increased their motives and demanded better general rights for women. These included social and civil rights, including the right to vote, or suffrage. The movement expanded and soon many people agreed. Famous women who took the movement seriously and spoke out are remembered for their hope and bravery.