What symptoms indicate that you have aphasia?

1 Answer
Oct 7, 2016

Here's what I've got.


Inability to comprehend language

Inability to pronounce, not due to muscle paralysis or weakness

Inability to speak spontaneously

Inability to form words

Inability to name objects (anomia)

Poor enunciation

Excessive creation and use of personal neologisms

Inability to repeat a phrase

Persistent repetition of one syllable, word, or phrase (stereotypies)

Paraphasia (substituting letters, syllables or words)

Agrammatism (inability to speak in a grammatically correct fashion)

Dysprosody (alterations in inflexion, stress, and rhythm)

Incomplete sentences

Inability to read

Inability to write

Limited verbal output

Difficulty in naming

Speech disorder

Speaking gibberish

Unability to follow or understand simple requests