What trends do we see on the periodic table for atomic radii, ionic radii and electronegativity?

1 Answer
Mar 11, 2016

Let me explain,


In period from left to right atomic radii decrease while electronegativity increases.

       In group from top to bottom atomic radii increase while              electronegativity decreases.

      From left to right nuclear charge increases and no of shell           remains the same that's why the [valence electrons](http://socratic.org/chemistry/the-periodic-table/valence-electrons-and-the-periodic-table) come closer to   nucleus, thus the size of atom decreases. And from top to bottom     the no of shell increases thus the atomic size increases.

      Electronegativity depends inversely on atomic size. It increases  from left to right due to decrease in atomic size. While in group it     deceases because atomic size increases.