What was Andrija Mohorovicic's major contribution to geology?

1 Answer
Mar 20, 2018

Andrija Mohorovicic discovered the boundary between the crust and the mantle.


Mohorovicic's major contribution for which he is famous is the discovery of the discontinuity between the mantle and the crust.

In 1909 a major earthquake in Croatia provided Mohorovicic with empirical evidence that he used to discover the division between the crust and the mantle, as well as the mantel and the core.

This major discovery was only one of his important contribution to geology, He also determined a mathematical function to calculate the velocity of seismic waves, called the Mohororovic Law. He determined a method for determining the earthquake's epicenter, invented a new better type of seismograph, and applied his knowledge to develop principles for constructive earthquake safe buildings.

Andrija Morhorovic is only indirectly known for the so called Moho boundary between the crust and mantle of the earth. He should be better know for much more.