What was life like in the suburbs in the 1950s?

1 Answer
Aug 6, 2016

There were many aspects of life in the suburbs in the 1950s.


  1. The American Dream was finally becoming attainable, and families had the opportunity to purchase their own houses and cars.

  2. The poverty and sacrifice that had existed during the recent world wars and the Great Depression was gone.

  3. The Interstate Highway Act created hundreds of miles of high-speed roads that made living in the suburbs farther from work a possibility.

  4. The automobile industry was booming, with companies like Ford adopting assembly lines and drastically increasing production.

  5. Families had delayed having children because of poverty and wartime circumstances, so the US underwent a baby boom during the improved conditions of the 1950s.

  6. The suburbs became an increasingly popular location to live, and affordable housing caused a great increase in the population there

  7. The addition of shopping centers and fast food restaurants added to the ease of living in the suburbs and further increased its popularity