What was the backlash by groups such as the White Citizens Councils, the music industry, and other more conservative artists to the growing popularity of rock and roll? What were the fears?

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Aug 7, 2016

Ethel led a media campaign against rock' roll.


These groups were highly conservative both socially and racially. They saw the growth of this new music as undermining the social and sexual morals of post war America.

It was also the case that much of this music was rooted in black music at a time when segregation was the norm in many states, not only in the South. As a result films were made showing the dangers of such music on the morals of the young. Similar warnings were issued with respect to clothes linked to the new culture and to films which reflected it. The Wild Ones starring Marlon Brando was banned for years.

Elvis Presley can be seen to be the seminal artist of this genre as he made black music accessible to a white audience. However his act was banned and he was filmed from the waist up on television.