What were the economic, political, and social causes for WWII in Europe?

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Jul 24, 2016

A lot of the causes of WWII were rooted in WWI and the peace process that followed.


Economic: The German economy was destroyed by end of WWI. Germany also went through many economic bad times after 1918.

When the Nazis came to power they began to make deals outside of the normal Economic System. This include Barter, the forced confiscation of assets of some companies operating in Germany, and the rejection of the terms of the Treaty of Versailles.

These and a massive military re-armament rebuilt the German Economy while the rest of Europe sat in economic doldrums.

Politically: Bad economic times and fear of another terrible war made European countries at the mercy of a political bully and opportunist like Hitler.

Socially: The losses of millions of men in WWI profoundly affected the survivors. Women had been given important home front roles during the War and then had them taken away when the men returned. Economic uncertainty and the military after shocks in Eastern Europe, Spain, and the middle east all created post war uncertainty. The rise of Communism and Fascism played on fears for the future. People desperately wanted security.

The result of this was the rise of powerful forces that created WWII