What will be the product(s) of the following reaction: #Cs +Br_2 rightleftharpoons ?#?

1 Answer
Apr 12, 2017

The balanced equation is #2Cs+Br_2 rightleftharpoons 2CsBr#


Or, if you prefer the ionic form

#2Cs+Br_2 rightleftharpoons 2Cs^+ + 2Br^-#

(However, I do not believe this is truly an equilibnrium system, but a reaction that runs essentially to completion.)

Since cesium (like other alkali metals) has a single valence electron, it is very prone to being oxidized into its +1 ion form.

Bromine, like other halogens is a strong oxidizing agent and has a great tendency to acquitre electrons from chemicals it contacts.

Here, each Cs atom donates one electron to a Br atom, with the result that an ionic compound, CsBr is formed. The ion charges are +1 #(Cs^+)# and -1 #(Br^-)#