What will stabilize human population growth?

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May 5, 2016

There are several points I would want to say about this topic
Alright I'll start,

So firstly, population growth will keep at its pace of an estimated 80 million an year or so, for a variety of reasons, in the real world if we talk about it

It's more economics the more I think about this topic
There are several charts showing that human population growth in developing and third world countries is much much higher than in developed countries, and this seems to make sense as the main reason for population growth in recent years has been for the purpose of economic prosperity for families, and for many a way to make ends meet

In underdeveloped countries, the less money you have, the more bigger your family, it's a straight fact, for the purpose of generating as much income as possible for families
And it's a widely known fact that underdevelopment in countries and poverty rates are much higher than that of the people who do well.

So firstly, if we were to aim for growth stabilization, one step to take would be a faster developing world, where poverty rates weren't as high as they are in many countries

Around us, we all see as to how the rich and middle class families only happen to have a few kids, in most cases, thus if everyone were to be at a respectable economical status, then surely, it would make the population growths come to a level of growth which isn't that high, and, stabilized I guess, haha.

Now as we know, in our world, the concept of this happening is something close to a wish, and my knowledge hasn't reached a point where I can really say as to how this is possible, I do have ways to make this happen, but then again, there's a lot to learn still eh

Hope this opened a new perspective for you