What would be needed to make travel to other galaxies possible?

1 Answer
Jan 13, 2016

An enormous amount of fuel, a space craft capable of speeds at least half the speed of light, and a way to warp the space-time continuum so the space ship could jump the huge distances between galaxies.


The Andromeda Galaxy, our closest neighboring large galaxy lies a mere 2.53 million light years from earth.

In what is referred to as the "local group" of galaxies relative to ours, the most distant is Sextants B, a mere 4.4 million light years away.

The largest known galaxy is one known only as NGC 6872 and it lies a mere 212 light years away.


The picture above shows all galaxies within 1 billion light years of earth and remember there is still another 44 billion light years beyond.

In this depiction our Milky Way Galaxy, the small blob near Virgo, is at the center of things.