What would be the intransitive verb in this paragraph?

"Your solution appears wonderful!" agreed Bob with happiness as he proceeded to cut holes in the umbrella. He walked jauntily down the street, for it appeared that his problem had not been solved. "Now I can enjoy myself in the sun whether the umbrella is broken or not."

1 Answer
Mar 27, 2018

appear, walk


Look, if you like to learn grammar of English for exam, it had better learn by great authenticated English grammarian books.

It is not a good way to follow popular novel book as they have many SLANG languages too that misguides you.

You will follow them for stylistic issues, true.

The adventure of Huckleberry Finn, is one of my favorite novels since my early life.

I checked it by grammar, hundred and hundred grammatical mistakes have--but it does not care for by the fledgling/novice many readers! They read for enjoyment only as great writers have the ability to craft the words that is important to be a book be popular.

Follow Micheal Swans grammar book or Noam Chomsky at least Raymond Murphy ( advanced level, intermediate level too) to be articulate in English grammar.