When is better to use parallel circuits?

1 Answer

We know the parallel components of circuit have same voltage. So, we use a parallel circuit when we want two components of a circuit to have same voltage. Coming to the uses of parallel circuits,

  1. All the circuits in our houses are parallel (Not sure of this, I think my teacher told me this)
  2. Outdoor Lighting or a set of lights are connected in parallel so that all the lights won't go off if one stops working etc

I don't know if you need the explanation for above examples. Anyways, I'm gonna give it. Consider a parallel circuit, when one component in the parallel circuit breaks/stops working, the other components still work as the circuit is still complete. This doesn't happen in the case of series circuits.

Check it for yourself. Draw a series circuit, erase a part of the series. Now, you can notice that the circuit is not complete. Now, draw a parallel circuit, erase a part of parallel connection and check if the circuit is complete (Yes, it is complete!!!).

PS : Hope you find it helpful :D