When will we leave the galaxy?

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Feb 6, 2017

Likely, never.


The distances are too great. We would need to travel way faster than light to make the trip in less than thousands of years. We may leave the solar system or go farther than Jupiter when the sun becomes a red giant if mankind still exists.

Feb 6, 2017

Unfortunately notafraid have a good reason ... for me is it is really very early technology side for the human


from what I heard if we takes the time since the earth exists and that converted on one hour its not even 30 seconds That the human exists!

Our closest neighbour the Andromeda galaxy will collide with us in about 4 billion years, if we stick around long enough we will get to another galaxy. But thats probably not the way you thought of although it might be a good motivation.

more our sun will stay alive 5.4 billion years ,because its hydrogen is not unlimited ..., to turn into a red giant. (How Much Mass Does the Sun Consume? ) but also hope human is still smart enough to not self-destruct within 50 years...

Unless the biggest chunk of physics since newton was wrong there will be no faster than light travel.

In our modern understanding it is as im possible as goining more North than heading straight North.

There are basically two approaches to long distance space travel.

  1. Negating the long timespans of sub lightspeed travel.Classic examples are Cryogenics or generation ships. We could start building a generation ship tomorrow that can reach other stars but reaching another galaxy could thake so long that there is no suitable energy source.

  2. Reducing the "distance" by manipulation of space: Examples Warp drive and Worm holes. The problem is we know in theory what to do but not how to do it. We would need to discover someting as usefull and easy to manipulate as Electricity that can influence spacetime or the building blocks of matter. But sadly there is no candidate on the horizon.

And dont be to piscimiste we had lot of Predictions That Were Proven To Be Horribly Wrong

before i go dont forget to admir our planet before leave think to leave it


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