Where do the cats come from in high school cat dissections?

1 Answer
Jun 13, 2017

There are a couple of answers here, but know that the cats are treated with respect: fed, taken care of, and put down without pain.


When I was in college, they were bought from a center that specialized in dissection animals. Cats were taken from shelters, collected from the wild, or unwanted litters. Males and females cats were kept separate from each other (to prevent unwanted pregnancies), but there were large play areas for them, as well as personal cages, much like at animal shelters. The cats were also taken the vet to make sure they were healthy.

I felt very sad, and swore my own cat knew what I was doing when I got home, but it was good to know that these were unwanted cats that were going to have hard painful lives out on the street, that had some clean, warm, and friendly place to stay.