Animals and Dissection

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Key Questions

  • Animals used for dissection vary according to the level of the class which it is used.

    A fetal pig, grass frog, earthworm, grasshopper, crayfish, clam, perch and starfish in grades 5-11. And a cat in grade 12.

    In college: cow eye, cow heart, cow kidney, sheep pluck (heart lungs and trachea), rat (doubly injected), dogfish shark, fetal pig doubly injected (latex colors) and sheep brain.

    In Grad school a human cadaver.


  • Answer:

    The animals may come from animal breeders, dealers, pounds, shelters etc...


    They may be bought from these (stated above) by companies from which educators purchase laboratory specimens.

    Example: Cats and dogs, who have been euthanized can also be sold to suppliers.

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