Where do the moons of Saturn orbit? Within the rings or outside?

1 Answer
Jun 30, 2018

#color(green)"Some orbit within the rings and some orbit outside the rings."#


Saturn is a very beautiful planet, it is the rocks, debris and its small satellites which makes it look so beautiful. It has 62 natural satellites(moons) which revolves around it.

All the 62 moon's orbits are confirmed. Out of 62 moons 53 have their own names and 13 have their diameter larger than 50 kilometers. The largest one is Titan and it is believed to have a Earth like atmosphere which is rich in Nitrogen and a landscape featuring dry rivers and hydrocarbon lakes.

24 moons of Saturn are regular satellites including 7 major satellites four small moons that exist in a Trojan orbit with larger moons, two mutually co-orbital moons and two moons that act as shepherds of Saturn's F Ring.

Two other regular satellites orbit within gaps in Saturn's rings. The remaining regular moons orbit near the outer edge of the A Ring, within G Ring and between the major moons Mimas and Enceladus. The regular satellites are traditionally named after Titans and Titanesses (figures associated with the mythological Saturn.)

Remaining 38 moons are irregular satellites orbiting much farther from Saturn. The largest irregular moon is Phoebe.