Where in the digestive system are 'stools' formed? What are stools? What part of the digestive system makes food into small lumps called boluses?

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Jan 31, 2018




Ingested food gets liquidised and digested in the stomach , then passes into the small intestines for further breakdown and absorption of the nutrients.

After that, the remainder passes into the colon where as much fluid (water) as possible is reclaimed. This thickens the remaining waste. The result will be dependent on your metabolism, what you have eaten (your diet ), and other factors (e.g. medication ) but if the resorption of water is successful the result will be rather dense, usually forming boluses (turds). Whatever its consistency, the stuff that leaves your body is usually (a bit eufemistically) referred to as "stool".

By the way, up to 60% of your Faeces (the "Stool") can be made up of bacteria from you intestinal flora...