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Which connective tissue composes the dermis of the skin?

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Feb 28, 2016


Papillary layer : Loose connective tissue.
Reticular layer : Dense irregular connective tissue.


Our skin has two principal layers : epidermis and dermis. The epidermis is composed of epithelial tissue, and the dermis is connective tissue. The dermis supports the epidermis and binds it to the subcutaneous tissue (hypodermis), the loose connective tissue directly under the skin.

Diagram of different layers of skin :

The dermis contains two layers : the outermost papillary layer and the deeper reticular layer. The thin papillary layer is composed of loose connective tissue and connects to the epidermis with papillae. Papillae may nourish the epidermis or act as touch receptors.

And the thick reticular layer is made of dense connective tissue with irregular bundles of collagen fibers ( dense irregular connective tissue ). The reticular layer contains hair follicles, sweat glands, Pacinian corpuscles, which sense pressure, lymph vessels and smooth muscle.

To read about the skin in more detail, check out this link.

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